Traditional Building Arts Diploma Program

Program Description

The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts provides the Diploma in Traditional Building Arts & Crafts in partnership with The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts, The Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Artsbased on the knowledge and professional preparation of in the field of traditional heritage and arts to implement designs and projects for contemporary local needs.

This program is an outstanding educational experience in researching, analyzing, and documenting the artistic elements of Jeddah's traditional arts and architecture, while preserving the cultural heritage. Where it develops students' knowledge in craft design of traditional arts in the old Jeddah area (Al-Balad), This forms a strong foundation and a unique integration between design and crafts and qualifies the students to participate in heritage projects and restoration works in the region, through a series of courses that include theoretical lectures, practical workshops in crafts, and field tours in the region.

What is Learned in the Program?

The program includes three main areas:

Design: Achieving a high level of technical literacy in the geometry of Historical Jeddah ornamentations and application of design, which includes topics from geometry (foundations and symbolism of traditional geometry, patterns and proportion), drawing and planning skills, through observational learning, concepts and presentation ideas.

• Crafts: training in craft skills by simulating an expert craftsman in each craft, in the fields of:

  1. Woodworking: wood carving, Joinery, and carpentry.
  2. Gypsum works: gypsum preparation, relief sculpture, engraving and glass installation.
  3. Ceramics: making ceramic tiles, techniques of painting and glazing.
  4. Decorative painting: the making and use of natural color’s, and traditional decorative painting techniques on wood ..
  5. Traditional Building Techniques: Introducing the traditional materials of Historical Jeddah architecture, building techniques with limestone, the technique of painting with water-lime for the wall (Nora), wall decoration.

Heritage Projects: Deepening the understanding and importance of design skills and the contexts of traditional craft skills further in the second year of the program, through a series of field visits to traditional buildings in the region to study local designs and patterns and learn about traditional materials and architectural arts and crafts techniques. Which contributes towards restoration project for one of Jeddah's historic buildings (Al-Balad).

The Nature of the Study in the Program

The program is offered in the form of a series of study units and workshops that incorporate a set of the following teaching methodologies:

• Program language: Arabic and English

• Program duration: Two academic years

Program start: 19 November 2023

• Program end: June 2025

• Jeddah Branch of the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts, Historic Jeddah (Al-Balad)

Registration requirements

• The applicant must be a Saudi national or hold a valid residence permit.

•  Have a high school certificate or its equivalent from inside or outside the Kingdom after equivalence from the Ministry of Education.

• The age of the applicant should not be less than 18 years and not more than 40 years.

•  Have at least two years of experience in  Arts  and Design , Architecture,  Building Arts , or Restoration.

• Submit Relevant portfolio Works .

• To be medically fit.

• Undertaking to abide by the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts  Rules and Regulations.

Apply in the Program

Applications starts by filling out the registration form in the following link 

After completing the requirements of the program, students will be awarded a certificate from the Royal Institute of Traditional Arts and the Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts.