Contact Information:

.Contact info (name, contact number and email) to be shared via “Contact us” page

Technical Issues:

.Should any technical issue arise, please contact us on the “Contact us” page


.Students will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the Institute's headquarters

Tools and Equipment:

All tools and equipment will be provided to students for each course/program

Times & Dates

.Please review sections for each course for availability and timing


All programs to take place at the Royal Institute for Traditional Arts headquarters in Riyadh

Fees and Tuitions

There will be no fees or tuitions for all short courses, where students are expected to be attending throughout the course


All trainees will be presented with a certificate of attendance upon completing all course requirements

What are the supporting documents required to register in the short training program?

- Curriculum vitae (in Arabic or English or both).

- Certificate of attendance for the “Introduction to UNESCO” course for those interested in joining the “Inventory of the Intangible Cultural Heritage based on the local community” course or any other similar courses.

- Pictures of artwork (optional).

- Introductory video (optional).