The Strategy


We envision a future where Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage of traditional arts flourish both locally and internationally.


To enable the traditional arts sector in the Kingdom by providing quality educational, cultural and community programs, and promoting rigorous research, documentation, and innovation for a vibrant and sustainable market.


The Institute Values 


We take pride in our heritage and cultural history, cherishing our role as contributors to its preservation.


We deliver excellence and high professionalism, noticeable to the beneficiaries of our services.


We work with a unified spirit to enhance the quality of the services provided. 

Innovation and Creativity

We strive to offer innovative solutions and guide innovators toward broader horizons. 


We deliver excellence and high professionalism, noticeable to the beneficiaries of our services.


Strategic Pillars

We have focused our goals to be aligned with the National Cultural Strategy to ensure that The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts (Wrth) contributes directly towards the realization of Saudi Vision 2030 through 5 strategic pillars:

Education and training

We are deeply committed to enabling our national capabilities and cultivating a generation skilled in traditional arts. Our aim is to preserve our artistic legacy and honor our Living National Treasures, the invaluable skillful masters. In recognition of their contributions, we are dedicated to supporting and celebrating their work.


Research and documentation

Creating well-established traditional art forms for future generations through the creation of digital archives, we will ensure that our cultural treasures are readily available to all. Envisioned as a beacon of knowledge and innovation, our Research Center will be designed to serve as a collaborative space, enriching traditional arts. 


Outreach and awareness

To celebrate Saudi traditional arts and showcase the unique story of our cultural heritage, actively engaging communities locally and internationally; building a community that values, understands, and honors our shared heritage.


Career empowerment and entrepreneurship

 To help in enabling talent and creating a vibrant traditional arts market

Through nurturing entrepreneurs and fine-tuning their skills to align with the evolving demands of the market with comprehensive training courses, robust project support, and the establishment of a dedicated Center of Expertise in Traditional Arts. 

Organizational empowerment

To transform The Royal Institute of Traditional Arts (Wrth) into an agile, efficient, and effective institution. Our focus is on fostering excellence, establishing regional headquarters, leveraging partnerships, and creating an engaging work environment that attracts top talents.