Program Description

Apprenticeship programs are training programs that provide regular training to impart the necessary knowledge, skills, and values for practicing a craft. These programs ensure the adaptation of this knowledge, skills, and values to current requirements and the evolution of the craft, aiming to preserve heritage roots and revive extinct crafts.


Levels of Apprenticeship Programs:

- Level One: Beginner

- Level Two: Intermediate

- Level Three: Advanced

The three levels of apprenticeship programs vary in difficulty according to the skills, knowledge, and values expected to be achieved by the end of each level:

  •  Level One: Focuses on learning the craft in its traditional form, including understanding the historical context of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, the ability to use craft tools safely and properly, recognizing the types of raw materials used in the craft, and mastering its techniques.

  •  Level Two: Concentrates on complex craft skills than Level One through repetition and practice of traditional craft skills, as well as the development of innovative skills from the craft itself to meet contemporary demands and evolving skills.

  • Level Three: Emphasizes on entrepreneurial and professional empowerment of the craft, including the development of business and professional skills and the ability to manage the craft in preparation for entering the labor market through mass production and improving the efficiency and quality of production to commercial standards.




Registration requirements

1. The candidate must be a Saudi national or the child of a Saudi mother.

2. The candidate must be at least 18 years old.

3. The candidate must be in good health.

4. The candidate must have the ability to commit and be fully available for the entire duration of the program.

5. The candidate must obtain written approval from their employer to join the apprenticeship program without conflicting with work hours.

6. The candidate must successfully pass the entrance exam, appropriate level assessment, personal interview, and practical application.

7. The candidate must commit to adhering to the rules, regulations, and policies of the apprenticeship programs and the institute.

8. The candidate must not have been excluded from any apprenticeship programs within the past year or less.

9. The candidate must fulfill any additional specific requirements announced at the time of application opening.